Employees who listen to podcasts love learning with us.

Upskyld is an AI-driven audio learning
and enablement solution.

Pave the way to lifelong learning in your company

74% of people listen to podcasts to learn new things!

We offer a career-changing personalized learning experience to level-up during downtimes. Upskill anytime and anywhere.

Cutting-edge content and new insights daily!

Unfortunately, the fundamental books haven’t changed in decades. Stop spending your budget on out-of-date online certifications! Listen to fresh information with podcasts every day.

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People spend 44min per day listening to podcasts!

Transform employees existing audio experience into a learning one and turn them into lifelong learning machines.

An engaging learning experience. Select one of the +120 skills personalised by level and language to get your own playlist.

For example Sales reps spend around 11 h/ week searching for information that should be included in training. We take that pain away! And propose audio content based on your learning objectives

They are learning with Upskyld

100% podcasts curation.

We don’t produce any content. We do qualify experts insights to the skills and levels you’ve selected. Don’t miss out on any cutting edge information or opportunities. Sublime your audio experience.

Engage with the content.

Take notes directly into the app and structure them. Share actionnable insights with your colleague and your community. Become a skillfluencer!

Manage employees’ performance

Track and analyse your team’s learning experience and get deep data knowledge to improve performance and decrease turnover. It will also help you create a better onboarding.


“Upskyld is a powerful tool and I use it every day while commuting to work. I don’t waste my time looking for content that is at the end just shitty content.”

Richard Rau

Sales Manager @Campus Founders

60% of people listen to podcasts to stay up-to-date with the latest topics.Be smart and efficient and let us do the hard work.

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It costs less than a coffee a day per employee? That’s an easy choice.