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Why you should use auditory learning

Julien Van Hoeylandt, Repeat Founder

Julien V.

30 mai 20225 min read

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When speaking about learning with podcasts, many people do answer they learn very good with audio, or even very bad. Leaning trough audio. That's what it it all about here. And it's called Auditory learning.

Do you know the 4 main types of learning?

One of the popular theories is the VARK model, which identifies four types of learners:

- Visual (moocs, books, ...)

- Auditory (learning with listening)

- Reading (and writing)

- Kinesthetic (tactile).

Most people are a combination of these four styles, but more times than not, they have a predominant style of learning. Each of these styles has a complementary way of teaching. At Upskyld, we decided to focus on the Auditory style!

Because we believe that it fills well those moment of downtime. You can learn anywhere, at any time. Of course, there is no right answer! Your preferred learning style is the way in which YOU learn best. Tell us what is your favorite way of learning?

Many digital markets, sales or startupers people love learning new things through listening to podcasts, especially business podcasts, because it's more efficient than viewing a screen, but also because focusing on something you listen to 👂, is much easier than watching a video on your screen. Nothing is popping to catch your attention. No slack, no mail, no ad. You can't listen to several sources at the same time. In the case of Upskyld, the podcast host is talking to you, directly to your brain 🧠 .

Some learner doesn't like audio learning, because they complain not being able to save the information. But that what learning is. You need to learn, how to save information more easily. It does mean you need to train yourself. At the beginning with short information. Then with longer episodes. 

But even at Upskyld, we know that auditory learning is not enough. We strongly believe in the importance to use several senses to save the information. That's why, for example, we decided to offer some assessment (quiz), after each podcast episode you're listening. You can prove yourself you got it... and train yourself. 

Listening to business podcasts for learning is only interesting if you're able to reuse the newly acquired knowledge. That's why we definitely recommend to take some notes during your listening or immediately after that. Not easy, right ? That's how we imagined to help Upskyld users offering a new way of taking notes. Our skillbook, a smart note tool, is directly integrated in your podcast tool and help you to take notes faster, displaying the most useful keywords and names of the episode you juste listened, helping you to deep-dive a mention into your search engine.

Maybe you have other ideas too to optimize our auditory learning tool. Give us your feedback.

And now, as we love to say at Upskyld, happy listening... and happy learning.

🎙 🎧 👂 🧠

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