Employees' new super power.
Upskilling & training easier than ever.

Sales, Marketing, Product, Ops, Engineers, Management…
All soft and hard skills they’ll need in their career.

Get ready to see all employees crush it like a bunch of caffeine-fueled superheroes

Experts need to keep innovating in a competitive market

The competition is fierce and the market isn’t gonna wait for them to level up and turn them into innovative machines by using the latest methods or tools to increase lead conversion.

Finally, fresh insights to consume every day - when casual turn lifelong learning

What is great with podcasts is that you get everyday new information, and easy to consume. Keep on holding to books and other training, Upskyld is a needed addition to train faster all employees.

I want to see that

They’re already listening to podcasts, Upskyld takes it a step further

Our objective is to turn that listening experience and enhance it into a learning one. On the road, commuting, at the gym… You’ll never hear “I don’t have the time” ever again.

Learning with Retention

Nobody uses frequently the learning tools you invested in, only mandatory content is saving the appearance. That’s because no one wants to spend hours stuck watching a video. With audio (and podcasts obviously), they can skill up anytime and anywhere.
Upskyld associates the best existing podcasts to a specific skill and a level for a super personalised learning journey.

Some of the best Business Podcasts qualified by skills & level.

🎁 The best HR Podcasts & L&D Podcasts
qualified by skills & level are available too.

Get more experts, retain talent internally

Marketing Acquisition Managers will love AB testing on cold emailing and increase conversation rate.
Sales Development Representatives will become cold-calling addicts.
Managers & Team Leaders will develop soft skills in no time.
You will also get your share of podcast addiction with our HR content.
Thanks to:
- our automated podcasts curation (you don't need to produce anything),
- our peer-sharing solution,
- our fresh and actionable insights
We help you turn them into lifelong learning machines.

But don’t just take our word for it,
and see which company is already happy by using Upskyld

Spend less than a coffee a day per Employee. That’s an easy choice.