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Your main skill, your expertise, might be your product… but you’ll also need Sales,
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Experts need to innovate in a competitive market

Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a student, a consultant or a coach: competition is fierce and the market isn’t gonna wait for you to catch up. Upskyld will turn you into a learning machine.

Finally, fresh insights to consume every day - when casual turn lifelong learning

What is great with podcasts is that you get everyday new information, and easy to consume. Keep on holding to books and other training, Upskyld is a needed addition.

I want to see that

You’re already listening to podcasts, our mission is to take it one step further

Our objective is to turn that listening experience and enhance it into a learning one. On the road, commuting, at the gym… You’ll never say “I don’t have the time” ever again.

Theory is overrated

Nobody wants to spend hours stuck watching a video or waste too much time reading LinkedIn feeds for somewhat average tips. Be more sensitive and use audio (and podcasts obviously) to train anytime and anywhere.
Professionals spend 10x more time listening to podcasts than training. It’s time to turn the tables!
Upskyld associates the best existing podcasts to a specific skill and a level for a super personalised learning journey.

Some of the best Digital Business Podcasts qualified by skills & level

The best Entrepreneurs & Freelancers Podcasts,
qualified by skills & level are available too.

Transform your ideas into action, get shit done

Launching a product? Learn from the best and their mistakes.
First time Sales? Discover how you can optimise your process easily.
Need to improve your personal branding? We know just the right podcasts for you!
Thanks to:
- our Digital Skills centric audio content,
- our peer-sharing solution,
- our fresh and actionable insights
We help your growth engine to get even more power.

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