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super power.
Training & Sales enablement easier than ever.

Get AI-qualified sales podcasts for every topic you want to skill up in (cold calling, client objection, negotiation...) and about your leads to enrich your CRM with hot content.

Put your sales team on steroids

Sales people need to stay ahead of the game in a competitive market

The competition is fierce and the market isn’t gonna wait for you to update on the latest methods, innovation or tools to increase your sales.

Finally fresh insights to consume every day - when casual turn lifelong learning

What is great with podcasts is that you get everyday new information, and easy to consume. Keep on holding to books and other training, Upskyld is a needed addition.

I want to see that

They’re already listening to podcasts, what we do is to take it further

Our objective is to turn that listening experience and enhance it into a learning one. On the road, commuting, at the gym… You’ll never hear “I don’t have the time” ever again.

Sales theory is boring

Nobody wants to spend hours stuck watching a video or reading a 350 pages best seller that hasn’t changed in a decade. Be more sensitive and use audio (and podcasts obviously) to train anytime and anywhere.
Employees spend 10x more time listening to podcasts than training. Let’s take advantage of that!
Upskyld associates the best existing podcasts to a specific skill and a level for a super personalised learning journey.

Some of the best Sales podcasts qualified by skills & level.

The best Sales Podcasts
qualified by skills & level.

Get more demos, close more deals, ring the bell more than ever

Your SDR will love cold calling and increase his conversation rate
Your AE will become your prospects' best friend.
Your customer success team will explode your NPS score.

Thanks to:
- our Sales centric audio content,
- peer sharing solution,
- fresh and actionable insights
We help your Sales machine to get even more power.

But don’t just take our word for it,
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